Since 1984, screen ink has provided quality screen printing and embroidery in Lincoln, Nebraska  for schools, bands, businesses, non-profits, clubs... and the list goes on.  

A couple of things to note:

Can you print an order of just 1 Shirt?

  • Unfortunately, no. It takes a lot of hard work to prepare for excellence. For every order, we prepare artwork, output artwork, burn screens, prep screens, setup the job on the press, add ink...and we're boring you now aren't we? We have minimums in place to make sure we can sustain our business and give customers our best.

What is the minimum amount I need to order?

  • 24 pieces is our minimum for all screen print orders.

  • 12 pieces is our minimum on all embroidery orders.

  • 2 Square feet of custom cut vinyl for decals and signage


  • Sorry, no.

What is the turnaround for my order?

  • Turnaround varies based on our print schedule but we strive for 2 weeks or 10 business days. HOWEVER, find out about rush orders below.

What do you charge for setup of my screen printing order?

  • Setup is included in our per shirt pricing. We like to keep things simple!

What do you charge for setup of my embroidery order?

  • A one-time fee of $40 to digitize (fancy word for prepare your artwork) your logo. This applies to one size logo. That being said, two sized logos may incur two $40 digitizing fees (it's worth it, trust us, we strive for the highest quality results).

  • We keep your file at the ready until worlds end. If you'd like more pieces later and can meet our minimum requirement, it will just cost $5/thread color to set that job back up. Small potatoes, really.

What kind of file avoids additional artwork fees?

  • A vector file is preferred and gives you 100 bonus points and a free high five.

  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or PDF files are also awesome.

  • A high quality JPEG will probably do the trick.

  • A low quality JPEG or pencil sketch on a bar napkin won't make the grade. We charge $35/hr. to re-create files to be screen-print ready. Don't worry, we work swiftly and can usually have it done in an hour. We'll make sure to give you an estimate after we take a look at the original file.

How big can you print/embroider?

  • For screen printing of shirts and other garments, we specialize in artwork within the parameters of approximately 14"X18" Any bigger than that may not be possible and can come with additional fees.

  • Posters can be printed up to 18"X24"

  • For embroidery, we specialize in work up to 8"x8"

I need design help.  What does that cost?

  • Simple arranging of text and/or basic images won't cost you a thing as long as there aren't many revisions. We'll let you know before we cross the threshold of having to charge you.

  • If you want something more detailed than basic text, we charge $35/hr. to create you something original and amazing. We would first arrange a time for you to meet or discuss with one of our skilled designers to brainstorm ideas and give you an estimate before we start the clock.

Can I provide my own garments for screen printing or embroidery?

  • Yes...but we don't recommend it. The majority of the time, when our customers think they are getting a good deal on closeout shirts at the outlet mall, they are still losing money by not having us order those same shirts at wholesale pricing from our vendors.

  • We cannot guarantee that each piece you bring to us will be a successful print or stitch. Mistakes happen, and if you provide the goods, we can't be held responsible for replacement. If we order the garments, we can easily replace garments at no cost to you.

  • Long story short: Let us order the goods. We have several online vendors that you can peruse at your convenience, or we can help you find a specific style perfect for your needs.

I need my shirts by roughly...tomorrow.  Can you pull it off?

  • Maybe. It never hurts to ask. Depending on how big of an order, if the design is print ready, and if the goods are available to be shipped by our vendors to our shop overnight, we may be able to get it done. If the stars do align and you need your shirts under our 2 week turnaround, we charge a 20% RUSH CHARGE on printed/embroidered goods per our discretion.