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Winterfest Ales & Auction

We unveiled our Nebrewski line at the 2016 Winterfest Ales & Auction and our response was quite positive!  Here's the link to our online store: NEBREWSKI STORE

Nebrewski booth at the 2016 Winterfest Ales & Auction

We had the opportunity to support a great event this year. Winterfest Ales & Auction organized a tasting of beers from a great majority of local brewers as well as some tasty beers distributed to our region. 

Proceeds benefitted the Men With Dreams non-profit whose mission is to create an environment of excellence, personal significance and achievement for youth. 

We found it to be a great opportunity to test out our latest line of merchandise. Nebrewski is a line of apparel and goods emphasizing the ever growing and popular craft of brewing that fantastically bubbly, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet beverage internationally known as beer. Better known by some as a brewski. We're in Nebraska, we're enjoying a beer, let's just call it what it is. A Nebrewski! Prost!

With a focus on our great state of Nebraska and a nod to our mates of the gridiron, Nebrewski is a cheeky parody of both Husker apparel and the Nebraska brand. Nebrewski is a parallel force driving the home brewer, the craft beer lover and the Husker fan alike to support all things locally brewed, distributed and consumed in our great city. 

Cheers to the Good Life.