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How to Become a Merch Guru for your Band

You've come so, so far from your humble beginnings.  It started with a spark of teenage angst mixed with just the right amounts of Pink Floyd and 90’s Grunge (this would be my dream band).  Then, after years of fumbling through haphazard guitar licks and off-tempo drumming, you and your mates finally scrounged together a handful of originals topped off with an encore cover of “Stairway to Heaven” that lasts twenty-three minutes.

Now, you want some shirts, and so I offer this bit of advice that could possibly make or break your band’s future…START SIMPLE.

When I say “simple” I am suggesting a 1-color screen print on a budget t-shirt.  Too often, bands request 50 shirts with a 4-color design on a premium garment the first time they walk in the door.  That is not simple.  Let’s look at a price breakdown.


50 Shirts Printed on Budget Tees

Setup Fee: FREE (we waive a screen fee for each 36 shirts you buy)

Cost Per Shirt: $6.45

Total with Tax: $345.88

Let’s check your profit:

If you sell the shirts for $15 and sell out, you rake in a whopping $750.  Minus your initial investment, you've made $404.12 for your band!

Now, don’t get too ahead of yourself.  Set aside some money to buy more shirts.  You’ve started a snowball of financial genius that knows no bounds.  Also, buy a new mic, and replace the bassist Mike.  His negative vibe is killing the creativity of the band.  


50 Shirts Printed on Premium Tees

Cost Per Shirt: $13.50

Total with Tax: $723.94

Let’s check your profit:

If you sell the shirts for $15 (because no one will probably pay $25 for a t-shirt at this point in your band’s career.  Face it, your not Nirvana…yet) and sell out, you’ve scraped together $750.  

Minus your initial investment of $721.26, and you've made a staggering $26.06 for your band.  Fail.

You’ve got no money to buy more shirts and a terrible microphone.  Either you’ll use this increased angst to write some new killer songs…or you’ll break up, move back in with your parents, and resort to giving guitar lessons for $8 a pop to your neighbor Billy who worships Nickelback.

In summation:  Keep it Simple, or you might as well start downloading Nickelback guitar tabs today.

Brand Spotlight: Bella + Canvas

Bella + Canvas is another favorite brand of apparel that we promote here at Screen Ink.  With a wide range of styles and multitude of color options, if you are looking for a premium garments at budget prices, look no further.

Also, they are working hard at being a great company.  Their practices demonstrate their care for their employees as well as the environment.   

Here are a couple of links from our online catalogs of a few of our favorite styles.

3001 Unisex Crewneck 100% Cotton

6004 Women's Favorite Tee

3719 Unisex Hoodie

Brand Spotlight: Next Level Apparel

It wasn't long ago that American Apparel stood alone in providing shirts and apparel that set them apart in not only softness of fabric, but also a more "fashion" fit.  The problem was that it was hard to justify paying upwards of $5-$10/garment, especially when budgets are tight.

Now, however, there are handful of viable companies that provide superior softness at budget pricing.  Next Level Apparel is one of our favorites and they have certainly taken things to the...wait for it...NEXT LEVEL.  Yes, that just happened.

Next Level Apparel delivers the latest fashions with superb quality incorporating innovative fabrics that are heavenly soft at a value that is second to none. Our outstanding color palette, up to date styles and fit continue to define us as one of the leading suppliers of fashion blanks in the US market.

Printing for: The Hub Cafe in Lincoln, NE

It is certainly an honor to partner with The Hub Cafe.  Within walking distance of Screen Ink, we've already enjoyed its fabulous food and drink.  The setup inside is cozy and beautiful.  Below are some pics we took on our first visit and we are excited to take many more trips for its fantastic locally sourced food and drink.  Here's a link to their facebook page:


Giving our walls a poster hug

We took some time today to unearth our Biiklops Poster Show time capsule and hang some prints in our retail store. All prints are currently for sale!  Some of these are the very last print of that limited edition series, others are in large supply. 

Stop by and check them out...and get a "hi-five" while you're at it.  

Proceeds directly benefit our bicycle trails and bicycle advocacy in our fine city. 

Check out:    BICYCLINCOLN      Great Plains Trails Network      THOR


Winterfest Ales & Auction

We unveiled our Nebrewski line at the 2016 Winterfest Ales & Auction and our response was quite positive!  Here's the link to our online store: NEBREWSKI STORE

Nebrewski booth at the 2016 Winterfest Ales & Auction

We had the opportunity to support a great event this year. Winterfest Ales & Auction organized a tasting of beers from a great majority of local brewers as well as some tasty beers distributed to our region. 

Proceeds benefitted the Men With Dreams non-profit whose mission is to create an environment of excellence, personal significance and achievement for youth. 

We found it to be a great opportunity to test out our latest line of merchandise. Nebrewski is a line of apparel and goods emphasizing the ever growing and popular craft of brewing that fantastically bubbly, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet beverage internationally known as beer. Better known by some as a brewski. We're in Nebraska, we're enjoying a beer, let's just call it what it is. A Nebrewski! Prost!

With a focus on our great state of Nebraska and a nod to our mates of the gridiron, Nebrewski is a cheeky parody of both Husker apparel and the Nebraska brand. Nebrewski is a parallel force driving the home brewer, the craft beer lover and the Husker fan alike to support all things locally brewed, distributed and consumed in our great city. 

Cheers to the Good Life.